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Eddy the Astronaut's Travels

Where did Eddy the Astronaut go during our Summer Reading Program?


Eddy the Astronaut was a busy guy during our 2019 Summer Reading Program!  Just look at all the places he visited!  Can you guess all of the locations to which Eddy has journeyed?

 Eddy 1Eddy 2Eddy 3Eddy 4Eddy 5Eddy 6Eddy 7Eddy 8Eddy 9Eddy 10Eddy 11Eddy 12Eddy 14Eddy 15Eddy 16Eddy 17Eddy 18Eddy 19Eddy 20Eddy 21Eddy 22Eddy 23Eddy 24Eddy 25Eddy 26Eddy 27Eddy 28Eddy 29Eddy 30Eddy 31Eddy 32Eddy 33Eddy 34